TASMANIA has its state election on Saturday 1 May – but you will be able to vote early or put in a postal vote if you wish to.

Who to vote for

The NSC has engaged with both sides of politics. Prior to the election announcement, we sought meting with the Tasmanian Police Minister and the Opposition Leader to discuss shooters’ issues. 

Our view is that firearm owners in Tasmania should put the Liberals towards the bottom of their ballot papers.

We’re not going to suggest who you put first – but believe the best result will be achieved if the Liberals are not returned to government

Our reasons for this are:

  • At the 2018 State Election, the Liberal Party reneged on commitments to streamline the state’s gun laws, including extending the duration of licences.  These would have been sensible changes that would have helped the state’s firearm owners.
  • The state’s police minister, Mark Shelton, has turned his back on firearm owners looking for sensible changes for this election. Mr Shelton holds one of the seats of Lyons, and if enough firearm owners vote against the Liberals there, then the clear message will be NOT to take firearm owners for granted.
  • The Liberal Government’s Minister for Sport and Recreation, Jane Howlett, sent this information to a leading shooters representative about letting students undertake safe, structured shooting activities – and has done nothing to move from this position:
Jane Howlett, Tasmanian Minister for Sport
  • The government has also refused to establish an advisory council or consultative committee on firearms to enable the local shooting community to have an effective way to deal with government.
  • “Star” Liberal candidate and former minister, Adam Brookes, is on charges under the Firearms Act and sending the wrong signal for us.  Although he participates in clay target, he has no record of advocating for shooters and needs to be more active for firearm owners if he wants to get the shooters’ vote.   Even if it means ‘crossing the floor’ when voting in parliament. 

As with other states, Tasmanian firearm owners are having problems with ‘appearance’ laws. The NSC is currently in the magistrate’s court on a challenge to the laws, and it has been of no help to us that this is being ignored by the government.

Labor. Is it any better?

Labor has no pro-firearms policies and is hard to distinguish from the Liberals and unfortunately there are no other parties we believe can or should be supported.

Labor is no better, which makes advising on who to vote for difficult to do.

However it is important that shooters to send a message to the government of the day – regardless of who it is – that it cannot take shooters for granted. 

The NSC’s recommendation is therefore to vote for whoever you prefer, but put the Liberals (and Greens / Animal Justice Party) towards the bottom of your ballot papers. Especially in the seat of Lyons.

How to vote

All voters will get a ballot paper for the lower house (the House of Assembly – your local area).  Those of you who live in the upper house areas of Derwent, Mersey and Windermere will receive another ballot paper for the Legislative Council.

Regardless of whether you receive one or two ballot papers, you will need to number every box – just make sure you put the Greens last.

You can get more information on the voting process from the Tasmanian Electoral Commission’s website, including where to vote early and options on how to vote (such as postal) at https://www.tec.tas.gov.au/voting/ways-to-vote.html

Going forward

The NSC is providing voting advice at every state, territory and federal election.

Over the past year we helped firearm owners in the Northern Territory, ACT, Queensland and WA work out who to vote for.

Next year, we’ll be able to help firearm owners in South Australia and Victoria, with the other states to follow afterwards -plus of course, the next federal election which is due to be held soon.

That’s why you should follow the NSC.  Hop onto our email list by clicking here for all the updates.

Published by N Jenkins, NSC, Melbourne Vic.

6 thoughts on “Tasmanian State Election: How to Vote

  1. Grandad. says:

    The time when shooters were neutral in politics is long past. Well done its time also that SSAA entered the real world.
    Labor in WA inspite of its stellar performance on Covid has sat on sensible changes to the firearms act and ones agreed to by WAPOL ever since they came into office. Perhaps the new Minister might show some regard in this matter.

  2. Michael says:

    I believe it is time to start our own party as we have the numbers . I am quite willing to put my hand up and was going to . But the Libs called the election very early.

    • Carlo Di Falco says:

      There is already a Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party in Tasmania and we are running 9 candidates in the House of Assembly. We run contested a number of other elections as well.

      • Carlo Di Falco says:

        Oops poor grammar – we have contested prior elections. If anyone thinks that we are not pro firearm owners needs to look at our submissions to the Tasmanian review of the Firearms Act. Who else recommends that the Government rips up the NFA?

  3. James says:

    Vote and support SFF Tasmania, it’s that simple. Time to kick the old major political parties to the kerb . Minor governments work around the world as they represent real society

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