SHOOTERS VOTING IN WA’S MARCH ELECTION will now be able to vote for an MP who supports the NSC’s pro shooting agenda.

WA’s LDP upper house MP, Aaron Stonehouse, is the latest politician to jump on board as a member. Aaron’s membership follows NT independent MP Kezia Purick, and Victorian LDP MP Tim Quilty, in joining the NSC’s membership ranks. The NSC now has the support of MPs in 2 States and 1 Territory.  

The NSC will be recommending to shooters that they vote for pro shooting MPs who they know will stand up for shooters – people like Aaron Stonehouse.

The NSC has been working hard to build strong relationships with other MP’s across the country and   prove to them the value of gaining the pro-shoot vote.

Mr Stonehouse is an avid sporting shooter and has actively lobbied on behalf of shooters on issues ranging from the transportation of firearms, licensing fees, and the unfair confiscation of firearms.

The NSC’s preparation for the WA election is well underway, with more comprehensive voting information to be released in early March.

Western Australian Shooters face many problems and WA Issues the NSC will be pushing include bringing WA into line with other states with shooters licences which offer five- year renewal cycles, the replacement of firearm license with permits to acquire and providing for full recognition of interstate licences.

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