PAUL EDBROOKE is the Victorian Labor Member for Frankston.

He’s the Chair of the Victorian Firearms Consultative Committee that, according to him, “rubber stamped” new laws currently going through the Victorian State Parliament.

We can reveal that Mr Edbrooke:

  • claims that all the shooting organisations on the committee ‘unanimously’ supported the new gun laws currently before parliament – when the evidence suggests they did not;
  • listed those organisations – including one that tells us it isn’t the committee and knows nothing about the legislation;
  • says he is a shooter that used to be a member of some of those organisations that approved the laws – but appears to have never declared membership of any of them on the Parliamentary members’ register.

Claim that shooting organisations ‘unanimously’ supported the new laws

The legislation currently in the Victorian state Parliament does several things.

Among them, it increases storage requirements for shooters with cat A & B firearms to have safes with walls at least 1.6mm steel. It also extends the operation of the 10 year gun bans that we reported on a few days ago and makes other changes affecting firearm dealers.

In his address to Parliament, Mr Edbrooke spoke about how shooting organisations helped to write the new laws. 

Here’s what he said:

I can in a concrete sense talk about the stakeholders who were involved in actually making this legislation, and when I say ‘making this legislation’, there are members of this committee who formed the subcommittee that basically wrote the requirements for the new storage amendments that will come in today, which I will go into a little bit soon.

That Victorian Firearms Consultative Committee includes academics from Victorian universities— we have had the University of Melbourne and we have got another professor from another university now—the Australian Security Industry Association, the Australian Deer Association, Field and Game Australia, the Firearms Safety Foundation (Victoria), the Firearm Traders Association of Victoria, the Law Institute of Victoria, the Police Association Victoria, the Shooting Sports Council of Victoria, the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia, Target Rifle Victoria, the Victorian Amateur Pistol Association, the Victorian Clay Target Association, the Victorian Farmers Federation and Victoria Police

Mr Edbrooke says those he deliberately named – were involved in “actually making this legislation”.  He then talks about the storage requirements which is one part of the ‘legislation’. 

However, as you will see later, he makes other suggestions that shooting organisations were consulted on everything in the bill. 

For now we’ll focus on the claims relating to storage requirements.

Labor wants you to toss your current gun safe out

Mr Edbrooke says that a subcommittee developed the new requirements for safes to be 1.6mm steel. 

However, our sources say the subcommittee supported other options that would accommodate other arrangements, not just impose a blanket requirement for 1.6mm steel.

Given this discrepancy, we have suggested to some MPs who will be debating these laws in the next few days, that they ask for the relevant FCC documents to be tabled in Parliament.  That way everyone can see what was or wasn’t agreed upon. 

To do otherwise risks blame for the new storage requirements being unfairly put on the shooting organistions, when perhaps it needs to be put on someone else.

The phantom vote

One of the organisations Mr Edbrooke named as being on the committee told us that they withdrew from it several years ago.  They also said they were unaware of the legislation until contacted by the NSC.

We advised that organisation to contact the Labor Member for Frankston – but the fact their name was used in Parliament under these circumstances raises serious questions about the accuracy of what Parliament was told.

All the more reason why Parliament needs to see the documents – and why we need to be assured that Parliament hasn’t been misled.

What were they consulted on?

As noted above, Mr Edbrooke says the legislation – and proposed storage requirements – had the unanimous support of those on the FCC.   

He said:

“… and all these firearms amendments were passed by a resolution, unanimously I might add, on 15 June 2021.”

However, as you can see here, FGA disagrees.  They point to at least one key change that they were not consulted on. This is consistent with what we’ve been told by other sources.

Another claim Mr Edbrooke made was:

“I would say that this bill is fairly common sense. It has been put through all the stakeholders that we on that committee could think of and all the opinions.”

There are 33 shooting organisations in Victoria, most of whom are approved by the Victoria Police.  VicPol is on the FCC, so all they had to do to reach out to other stakeholders was send an email to their long list of clubs and associations. However they didn’t.

Edbrooke’s wrong.

Shooting organisation membership claim

Edbrooke also said: 

“As a shooter myself I have been a member of some of those organisations,”

In Victoria, MPs are required to declare memberships with organisations in the Register of Members Interests so that their interests are open and transparent for the public to see.

However, we examined the register back to when Mr Edbrooke was first elected to Parliament (in 2014) and cannot see anything that supports that claim.  It is possible that he was a member of some of those organisations before entering Parliament but an explanation regarding the inconsistency would be helpful.  If he would like to elaborate on how he is authorised to hold a licence, we’d be happy to publish it.

If Mr Edbrooke holds a current shooters licence, which he seems to suggest, then he needs to have a genuine reason. If that isn’t as a member of a shooting organisation, then it must be as a farmer or perhaps through access to private land to hunt on.

A parting shot at the NSC

In his speech, Mr Edbrooke said:

“As has been said, I think we have had some misinformation campaigns from other associations, I guess you could call them, purporting to represent different factions in the firearms community.”

We’re pretty comfortable in saying that he’s talking about us. 

It might have something to do with our last letter to him October last year where we suggested he appeared to be ignoring evidence for the FCC and we suspected he was losing interest his role with the FCC. Not surprisingly, Mr Edbrooke didn’t reply to us. 

However, let’s pause for a moment to see how we stack up against him on the question of representation for shooters on Google reviews

We think that’s enough said …


11 thoughts on “VIC GUN LAWS UPDATE: Why Labor’s consultation claims don’t add up

  1. Trevor Pollock says:

    I hope you get the truth out of this Mr Edbrooke.
    To many inconsistencies,he will come unstuck if you keep getting proof & FOI reports.You can only lie so many times before it catches up with you.You learn this at a very young age,but Mr Edbrooke obviously hasn’t.

  2. Philip walter says:

    I have never heard of this Edbrooke m.p.
    Person he has no idea of the i.pact these proposed changes to the firearms regulations will have on present and future generations of Farmers,Shooters, club and game shooters
    Safes have been thicker than 1.6 mm for years so he hasn’t gon out and looked for himself .
    I for one am sick and tired of being told what ican and cant do by a person who has no knowledge of the use of firearms in Agriculture area and ferrel contol as well as the general use in sporting organisations including the Olympics wbere when we win gokd i bet he takes delight .
    These changes will do is condem people to abandom their sport and will likely make some who have had their life and liberty eroded to such an extend i could see them in a suicidal way.
    He has no idea as how much damage he will do to people and their lives people who use firearms as part of everyday work and food production to vermin control
    In looking into the statements he has made he seems to include organisations that he named and not actually consulted with and these subcommittees he mentions How many people were involved
    NO ONE i have talked to has been asked to comment
    I thing an enquiry into this sad state of affairs and the misuse of parliament in in order

    • Neil Jenkins says:

      G’day Phil

      Former Labor MP Peter Steedman used to chair the committee. He was mad as a cut snake but a good chair and read political challenges such as this well. If he was still there, the problem wouldn’t be there. However the current guy is inexperienced and I’ve never trusted him. He may have taken a bit of poetic licence in what he said but too bad – he’s using the name of the shooting orgs to prop up dud legislation.

      Thanks again


  3. Cam says:

    You don’t require private land or membership to a shooting organisation in vic. You can have a game licence or pest licence which will suffice as a genuine reason. Any reasonable person that uses fire arms would know the current storage requirements suffice and surely if the information being the base of this bill is false it should be thrown out. Surely you could get in touch with everyone mentioned and ask for their vot on the topics and take it to another member to have the bill rejected.

  4. Frank+Grimaldi says:

    Why would a person that claims to have been a member of some of these shooting organizations knife them in the back with these restrictive and ridiculous law recommendations?

  5. Jai Normosone says:

    Going on the information supplied in the article above and, combined with the evidence that groups were consulted when they say that they were not; further combined with the unwillingness of the minister to bother to address questions from representative organisations that are calling him out; and additional further combination of an attempt at obfuscation of the matter by slagging a representative organisation rather than actually answering questions, indicates that he is far from worthy of the title “honourable” and propagates the belief that politicians are career liars and not worthy of the oxygen they waste with their worthless banter.

  6. Peter (Kang) says:

    I was a shop steward for 21 years, and a Union branch Councillor for 6, happy to work hand in hand with the Labor party. In the early years of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s you could depend on the Labor party sticking up for the average working Australian, Hunter, Shooter, Camper, Fisher person and the like.
    The Labor party now is not like it used to be, to stay in power at any costs, they have sold their souls to the minor fanatical parties, who; their only aim is to push their narrow agendas forsaking the general hobbies and interests of the average man and woman.
    To curry favour with the minorities so as to stay in power, they abandon workers in the Forestry industry, the Firearms industry, Vermin control (where shooters and hunters have excelled in this area for centuries) and the Field and Game industry (Culling, Butchering and supply of Hides and meat for respective user groups including up-market restaurants).
    The Labor Party (and all the minors ie the Greens) has lost mine and my friends vote. We will be voting for the Party or Parties that allow for the average Australian to be given a fair go. We in the Hunting, Shooting fraternity are not criminals and should not be treated as such.

  7. Syd Knight says:

    I have not followed this closely but if what you are saying is correct why then can’t Mr Edbrooke be held accountable for the misinformation he gives to parliament.

  8. Ron says:

    Here we have an other so called politician talking through his arse, Iam 70 and voted Labour most of my life they have sold us out over the years for their own personal political gain ????????????

  9. Philip Walter says:

    This just buggs the hell out of me
    Our local running track that gets used once a week by the school next door just got a 1.3 .illion upgrade and resurfacing .
    Assked the local council for 50k to help with the local gun club NO WAY i was told . There have been 17 gun clubs closed in this local govt area they used to bring in 200k a year in BBQ for the lions clubs
    Shooting is the safest sport to play in People Die playing football .cricket Tennis etc
    In the last 20 years 153 young and old players in football. 23 in tennis .11 in cricket 5 in basketball the lists go on
    Shooting 3 heart attacks 2 shot themselves falling over
    No one has been deliberatly shot
    Lets call out the govt with the facts ay

  10. Trevor Pollock says:

    Can you please let the law abiding Victorian shooter know if this dictator is going to class us an unfit & an inproper person to hold a firearms licence if they are NONVACINATED for Covid 19.
    This dictator has gone nuts with power & this upcomming isdue where he wants all control is absolutely absurd.Were are the Human Rights Lawyers & the QCs,along with all of the opposition.
    When you have judges & QCs calling this out,this has to be sprted out & sorted out quick before this state goes into full blown riot,not peaceful protests.

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