We've had years of bad gun laws. Why put up with four more?

FOR MANY YEARS shooters have had to put up with awful treatment by successive governments, all in the name of politics.

We’ve had to hand in perfectly harmless guns, had all sorts of horrible things said about us and put up with politicians who think that it’s ok to keep going after licensed shooters to gain some headlines. 

We’ve had a string of new gun laws, gun shop closures and media statements that deliberately ignored our needs. 

The good news is that the Victorian State Election is our next opportunity to fight against this. 

With the treatment Victorian shooters have had under Daniel Andrews and Lisa Neville, we’re aiming to turn this election into a fight for shooters – as hard and quickly as possible.

We have no tolerance for politicians who lack respect

SHOOTING USED TO BE well respected in the community. Former Vic Premier Sir Henry Bolte and Prime Minister Malcolm Frazer were patrons of shooting organisations.

The Queen was a shooter as are / were Sir Jackie Stewart, Barry Gibb, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Suzie Quatro and many other famous faces.

Shooting is still a great sport. That has not changed. What has changed is how our politicians treat us. 

The guy to the left is Steve McGhie, Labor’s member for Melton.  Late last year he described the NSC as “a fringe group”.   That’s why he needs to go.

WHAT POLITICIANS SAY INFLUENCES THE PUBLIC:  People like McGhie are listened to by the public.  Here is an example of the abuse shooters have to put up with. The shocking thing about it is that it hardly comes as a suprise.  It’s a sentiment shared by many politicians – and why we need to use this year’s Victorian election to remind them that it’s their job to stop this and change things.

We get results. That's why its time to Sign up now.

We’ve proven what can be done. We’ve won cases, gained significant media coverage of major issues and gone after politicians in their electorates.

We need to take the next step and get laws changed. We need to make life easier and better for shooters.

Here are some examples of what the major parties could commit to at this year’s state election: We need:

  • the government to genuinely engage with the shooting community before bringing in any new laws or doing us harm
  • appeal rights expanded to cover any form of licence suspension;
  • a clean out of our registry and for it to be more open, transparent and accountable;
  • our hunting seasons guaranteed in law;
  • to make it easier to access firearms across various categories once a person has been licenced;
  • government to talk to the media about firearms in a positive light – such their sporting & social benefits – rather than kick off about gun crime. 

We’ve already surveyed the current politicians on some issues for this election and will publish the results later.  Then we’ll cover the other candidates when they are in place.

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What else can you do?

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Every time we vote for shooting, we’re helping us convince politicians to stop treating Victorian shooters as soft targets and start treating us with some respect.


5 thoughts on “VIC ELECTION: Join the NSC to STOP four more years of bad gun laws

  1. Rob Turner says:

    The ONLY people who give their time, expertise, money toward equipment and constructive use of firearms without claiming a cent back in tax refunds are registered firearm owners who shoot feral animals to protect our native species. Get behind shooters, it’s the only way the game management authority can save face.

  2. LH says:

    Where are the marginal seats, and how many shooters are licenced in those seats? There’s strength in numbers.

  3. Alex Crunn says:

    It was Johnny fucking Howard, a liberal, who took away our guns, nationally! I’ve lost my license, because of his stinking laws.

  4. Kaz Branecki says:

    Hunters – Shooter’s just don’t fit into the Socialist Lefty Political ideology due to us being able to recognize the bullshit being expelled every time a politician’s lips move. They are cunning rats that deserve to be where rats belong, a sewer. Make no mistake, they will use every means possible to take away our guns in order to make the population & society even more weaker and subservient.

  5. Brian Barber says:

    I am an ardent shooter who as never shot or shot at another person and I dislike feeling.like like an outsider

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