The Andrews Government is making more bad changes to Victoria’s gun laws.

The latest changes will allow police down to the rank of inspector to ban shooters from holding firearm licences for at least 10 years – for getting nothing more than a speeding fine.

People hit with a ban will also be subjected to warrantless searches of their homes or cars at any time, and barred from going to any place where guns may be stored or used.

This is a major backward step for shooters – but the good news is that the NSC is well placed to fight this, which is why we need your help.

Who will be able to impose the bans?

The legislation that was introduced into the Victorian State Parliament by the state’s Police Minister, Lisa Neville (pictured above), is called the Firearms and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2021.

As it stands, the bill proposes that the bans will be able to be put in place by officers at inspector level.

This includes inspectors in the firearms registry. 

Ban includes warrantless searches and other restrictions

Once a ban is in place, the laws will allow any police officer to search the shooter, their home, their car or any person with the shooter, without a warrant.

How it would work

Imagine if you received a COVID or speeding fine.

From previous experience, Victoria Police has seen these as being sufficient to suspend firearms licences. 

The new bans would permit bad behaviour‘ – potentially simply having an argument over the fine or suspension – to be sufficient for an inspector to hit you with a ban.

This would subject you to searches until 2032 – and you have only one right of appeal until 2027.

All for copping a simple fine.
Or for no reason at all.

It also means you can’t go anywhere firearms are used or stored – which may be your local range, gunshop or even a friend’s or relative’s home where firearms are stored.

You also cannot change address without risking a year in jail if you don’t notify the police within 24 hours of moving.

You will also have only one right of appeal for the first five years of the 10 year ban.

Could you get a ban?

The bill before Parliament will allow officers to impose bans for any of the following reasons

  • “because of the behaviour of the individual” – the legislation does not define what ‘behaviour’ means, and so comes down to the officer’s personal opinion. What is clear from the legislation is that this behaviour does not need to relate to anything illegal.
  • “because of the people with whom the individual associates” – which means people Victoria Police do not like. Again, this does not need to relate to anything illegal.
  • “because of the criminal history of the individual” – which sounds ok but again the lack of definition means it could apply to very old history – such as minor offences conducted as a teenager; and
  • “because, on the basis of information known to the Chief Commissioner about the individual, the individual may pose a threat or risk to public safety.” – again, this is vague and open to abuse.

It means if an officer of Victoria Police does not like your ‘behaviour’, you could easily find yourself getting one of Lisa Neville’s new bans.

Copping a COVID fine, for instance.

Key questions you might have about this

The NSC has helped many shooters who have had their firearm licences suspended for less.

In fact, we helped one guy who lost his firearms licence after receiving a COVID fine that was issued to him in error. He didn’t do anything wrong (he had a work exemption) but still had to fight to get his licence back.

Why not? We’ve seen shooters who perhaps unwisely flouted COVID laws to attend protests lose their licences, so there is nothing to stop these new laws from being used to stop any form of political activity.

This could include trying to shut down advocacy groups such as the NSC.

However, in our case, we’ve already got our barristers primed and will continue doing what we do regardless of what comes our way. In fact, the more we see laws like this being used against shooters who have done nothing wrong, the more determined the NSC will become to get the law removed????

Beverley McArthur is an upper house MP for the Liberal Party in the Victorian State Parliament. She’s on our side and we have a lot of time for her.

We understand she will soon ask the government about that in the next few days.

It’s a question the Andrew’s Government will most likely avoid responding to in the same way they refused to answr her questions about the $25m VicPol AR semi-auto rifle purchase.

The new laws were introduced into the Victorian State Parliament last week.

Opposing these new restrictions is essential, because we understand the next round of laws which will be introduced after the next state election if Labor gets re-elected, will be worse.

Here’s what you can do

There are two things you can do to help us fight this, especially with a state election in Victoria due next year.

The first is you can make our voice stronger by becoming a member. In fact if you are a Victorian who wants these laws scrapped, then you really don’t have any other options.

Help us get change

Let Victoria’s Police Minister know that the changes to the state’s gun laws are not on. Click the orange box to send her an email now! 

(This should open your email program, if you have one. It might take a couple of seconds to open for you)

[Email button removed as legislation has now passed]

We’ve FOI’d the government about consultation

The NSC has already put a Freedom of Information request into the Government to see which shooting organisations may have supported these laws – or alternatively if there was no consultation at all.

We’ll let you know what the result is.

Extension of recent laws

The bans are an extension of laws the government introduced in 2018 but were limited to being put in place by superintendents. Called Firearm Prohibition Orders, they were originally touted as being aimed at criminals, and bikie gangs.

At the time, Liberties Victoria expressed real concern over how the laws would be applied.

However those concerns were ignored – and the proposal is to delegate the laws further down in VicPol, making it easier for them to be used against almost anyone.

It’s why shooters who supported Labor at the last election need to change their vote.

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40 thoughts on “Victorian shooters to face 10 year gun bans for stepping out of line

  1. Martin Dreessens says:

    How can a select few make up these regulations so much for a democracy.
    Minority rules again got to stop.

  2. Sharron Stevenson says:

    Nooooooo, we can’t let this go through, we have to fight this, Please everyone, lets fight this one, Shooting Industry businesses have suffered through Covid 19, that is bad, but this…………

  3. bird on a wire says:

    Looks like a position might be coming vacant in Victoria for The Crisis Cloud types.?
    Stand by for another Jimmy Gargasoulous shtick ..this time with firearms involved.
    It might be helpful if a FOI was put to The Andrews Gang about how Victorian officials signed off on the manufactured, 5 stages of LOCKDOWN agreement at the UN a short time back.
    All our so called common laws are being usurped by U.G.L.E. Freemasonic laws.

  4. Adam says:

    Potentially every firearm license holder could individually targeted by Police for the most spurious reasons so they can take away the license and seize all their firearms while being accountable to Nobody ! Gun ban by stealth and gradualism.

  5. Rod Peterlin says:

    This reads like the Minister has a target audience in mind, which isn’t shooters….COVID protesters perhaps?…but it’s just another grab for more Police power and another step toward totalitarian State; It’s offensive. If the Police were entirely trustworthy and honest and not prone to emotional bias or errors in judgement, this would still require a lot more detail in the definition of offences. As it stands, it’s a joke. Legislation this poorly written is recipe for disaster and a seed for dissent. No reputable parliament would vote this chicken scratch up.

    • Michael Hrusza says:

      Absolutely totalitarian behaviour by a Bolshovick Andrews government vote the communist imbecile out he is so intoxicated on Marxist doctrine that all logic and common sense is non existent, this unwarranted attack on law abiding gun owners is exactly what comrade Stalin done in the former Soviet union if comrade Andrews gets away with this proposal it will surely be the end of democratic freedom that we have enjoyed for so longM

  6. Paul Wilcocks says:

    I have sent your suggested email to Lisa Neville through my Outlook account. Thanks for what you are doing to protect us.
    Paul Wilcocks

  7. Zoran Maric says:

    We stepped well into dictatorship territory if its possible that one individual can judge you for a minor unrelated offence and change your life. Very aggressive and dangerous move not only towards our shooting community but for the general public also. Whats next?….taking away your drivers licence and searching your home …. for a parking fine in the cbd?

  8. Gregory Samuel Conway says:

    Australia the police state when will people wake up and stop voting for LNP, Labor and The Greens.

  9. John Neven says:

    I am sending this to the media rep of my pistol club for circulation to all members. Every one should help get this message out. Signs of the times. I am old enough to remember when we were FREE. This is another step towards being controlled by the State. We would be no less free in China.

  10. ben says:

    This is utterly disturbing and discriminatory at its roots. Have already renewed my membership and it’s for solving things like this that I do. Great work bringing this to light and I wish you well on the fight.

    • Neil Jenkins says:

      Probably, but the number of emails that have been sent will no doubt make her aware that this does matter to shooters – and they will take action when they have to.

  11. Davin Evans says:

    We see this again and again, vague details in laws that can be so easily abused. Here in Qld they sold the public on the need for VLAD laws declaring they were to fight outlaw gangs. Now same laws are used to silence regular citizens at protests, detention without charge, anti association orders etc etc. I don’t like where this country is heading.

  12. Philip Walter says:

    This is a terrible state of affairs to think that any of these laws may be introduced this will throw victoria’s shooters under the bus it will be a dictatorship ruled by any law enforcement officer if your in a small town and the local cop doesnt like you YOUR TOAST
    We are lucky we have the NSC on our side
    This cannot be alowed for any reason

  13. Jason Spivey says:

    Having read this legislation as per the notice, there is no mention of any of the information the NRA are claiming. Can someone please direct me to where in the document this legislation is introducing any of these powers?

    • Peter Zabrdac says:

      Firstly Jason its NOT the NRA, we are the NSC. Secondly the powers Police have are already contained in the Victorian Fireams Act (Firearm Prohibition Orders)…..look them up. Thirdly we have put a direct link in the section of the Blog under “Who will be able to impose the bans?”…… on the link that says “Firearm and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2021” and it will take you directly to what is before Parliament Right now for consideration.

      • Peter Zabrdac says:

        Jason under the Current Firearms Act a 10 year FPO could only be issued by the Superintendent in charge of LRD on behalf of the Registry. What is proposed in the Bill is for that power within LRD to be extended down to the rank of Inspector (which is just above Senior Sergeant, and the first commissioned officer rank within VicPol). An Inspector is a front line Police rank. The grounds under which an FPO can be issued are contained within the current Victorian Firearms Act Part 4A, Division 3, 112E . I suggest you read them closely. Also I draw your attention to well documented events in 2020 when LRD suspended and threatened to cancel around 200+licences in Victoria on the basis of licence holders receiving Covid infringement fines.

        The NSC has also had legal opinion on the whole matter. I stand by what the NSC has posted.

  14. Daniel Barwise says:

    No right of appeal for 5 years. Time to expedite that green card. Very close to being able to apply for asylum

  15. Ross Austin says:

    This proposed legislation, and the thinking behind it, is diabolical! It represents an enhancement of police powers way beyond any perceived need or popular support. Residential and vehicular search without warrant has always been the mark of a truly dictatorial state. Where is the need in a democratic society? The logic is demonstrated by the change from a “Police Service” (for the people) to a “Police Force” (for a left wing bureaucratic elite.)

  16. Ross Oehms says:

    The word criminal is continually missing from the Vic’ Governments rant against legal Firearm Licence Holders. WE are an easy target! Readers should be aware that only 3% of containers coming into Australia are x-rayed, 97% chance of bringing anything illegal into the country would succeed

  17. Michael says:

    Lawless Crime Inc Australia, formerly Penal Colony Australia. Mass death of the people is ahead after the guns have been taken away.
    I’d like to think others besides myself have expressed similar.
    In the last century 262,000,000 people have been murdered in 17 countries by the politicians after the guns were taken away. Separate to the 100,000,000 killed in both world wars. RJ Rummel.
    Australia will be country 18.
    Look at her, she hates men intensely, which is why she’s been away with serious intestinal problems, always in a knot.

  18. Peter (Kang) says:

    I will not vote for this Victorian Labor party at the next election, they are directing our attention to only the Covid Virus as a smoke screen to keep our attention away from legislation that they are pushing through parliament on a number of detrimental issues. 1. The shooting /hunting fraternity as stated by NSC, 2. The Forestry, timber workers, country townsfolk losing their Jobs and access to timber resources (get the facts from the Weekly times newspaper), 3. Farmers, Fishermen, Hunters are to get Extremely Harsh (impossible?) restrictions imposed on their animal husbandry practices, both wild and domestic animals (this is hidden in an animal protection act). Please dig out the articles (google for them) on these proposed legislation as the impact on us beggars belief.

  19. Michael says:

    Nothing short of directly transplanting the Second Amendment to the US Constitution into our Constitutions, federal and all the states, will save us from mass death.

    ” A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. “

    • David M says:

      Washington funded the disarmament campaign in the hope you would then plead for their constitution.

      Don’t fall for it. They have done this to us and are the enemy. They are falling. Good. Their agents/puppets will soon be without funding (from the Pentagon to their universities to our universities) and politicians who were promised easy riches (Basic Industries Group, or BIG) will get nothing. They will both become desperate, if they don’t die of the Chinese Flu or the jab.

  20. Andy says:

    Sounds like absolute bullshit, making sport harder for genuine hunters and shooters. Let’s hope it doesn’t go any further. Keep up the good work defending innocent people and informing the rest of us

  21. Richard Williams says:

    This is exactly what Dan wants, to control all aspects of out lives in any way he can. The state is almost a dictatorship now and we can`t keep going this way, I have emailed the minister and made a donation to NSC and the government needs to be voted out at the next election.

    • David M says:

      “To control all aspects of out lives in any way he can.” That’s socialism. When the word was first introduced in the 1800’s general comment was on its “Village simplicity.” An organisation called the Fabian Socialists, who are loyal to one Robert Owen, not Marx, introduced the approach of so much accounting (for what everyone does) that it brings down the Marxist system – exactly what has happened every time. Fabians want to replace all the earth’s leading families with their own families. That’s their founding mission, what Owen and his friends wanted. They were from leading families but the wrong family lines for power and prestige in 1800’s Britain.

  22. Michael says:

    Sent the below to the Minister.

    Police Minister Neville,

    What we need in this Hell Hole called Prison State Australia, Victoria especially, is protection from predators called politicians, who never put before the people the program for the next 4yr period.

    Prime example is that for 20 years now your police have taken on the armaments befitting an army of occupation, as Palestinians would immediately also recognise, their lives being worthless to the occupier.

    At this time, and for a long time prior, we have needed what the American people had put into their Constitution in 1791; which came to be known as the First and Second Amendments, to keep at bay the predators in human form who seek power as the ultimate aphrodisiac, only to oppress the people, nor to even enrich themselves.

    1/ Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of a religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof or abridge the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the govt for a redress of grievances.

    2/ A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    Madam Minister, you really are 233 years out of date, as not only do you want to take all the guns away from the people, but you also want to shut us up.

    The people rule, not politicians.

    Michael Mazur

    • David M says:

      Michael, are you loyal to Washington or have their agents (there are apparently 800 of them here, allowed in by John Howard, and I notice they have not been sent away by any administration since) been working on you or those close to you?

  23. bob says:

    Although I am not a resident of Victoria (but am a member of the NSC), I wrote an email to your Minister along the lines of the model you provided, because I am always fearful that if state parliaments are able to enact laws such as the atrocious proposed amendments to your Firearms act 1996 these will become precedents to be used by my State (NSW) to enact similar.

    Keep up the good work Neil and Peter. It is very much appreciated.

    Bob Gee
    Lane Cove, NSW

  24. jeff anderson says:

    Where is Jeff Bourman MP – Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party. It appears he is missing in action again.

  25. terry howard says:

    there you go have a look at what creates a communist state 1. disarm the people 2. control the media 3. make the people reliant on the government does this look like Victoria under the Andrews boot to me it sure does good luck to you down south

  26. Lawrence Lyons says:

    Dear Police Minister, Lisa Neville.

    Are we a society with a hidden layer of violence that permeates and pervades life to such an extent that we require paramilitary police and Napoleonic laws to protect us?

    Are you advocating for authoritarianism by chipping away at and eroded the pillars of Australia’s democracy?

    Are you actions making people afraid of doing much more than conforming, submitting, and surrendering?

    Do you not realise that public confidence is fundamental to the operation of the criminal justice system.

    Demonising non-criminals like the sporting shooters and farmers erodes the public’s confidence in the Police.

    If you doubt there is significant dissatisfaction with the way people are being treated I urge you to read Trends & issues in crime and criminal justice no. 387. Read more, Australian Institute of Criminology.

    Signed concerned citizen.

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