One thought on “Video: No Incidents means No Evidence

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    Any Laws At All That Our Busted Arse Government Calls On Firearms Needs To Be Stopped & Then Need Firm Action To Turn Our Rights Around Needs The NSC And Any Other Organisation To Bore It Up Them As Why & How Do The Government Get Away Will Letting In All The Scum & HUMAN TRASH To Our ONCE GREAT COUNTRY To SPOIL & CONTAMINATE WITH DO GOODERS That KNOW EVERYTHING But KNOW NOTHING & The CRIMINAL ELEMENT That Has NO RESPECT FOR OUR LAWS &CONDUCT , Surprised No Politician Is Targeting CRIMINALS As They Love This As Have No Care Or RESPECT For GUN LAWS !
    Its a circus EVERYONE MUST SUPPORT The NSC To TRY To Bring Back The RIGHTS & LAWS We Used To Have But Sadly Our Younger Generation Have No Idea Of How Good We Had Things PRIOR TO LITTLE JOHNNY HOWARDS DICTATING What We Do Or Do Not Need As If The Younger Generation Knew How Things Used To Be ! Well THERE WOULD BE MERRY HELL FOR THE GOVERNMENT !! , Good Work NSC & Keep Up The Good Work , Peter L Fraser Coast QLD .

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