In this article, we look at:

  • What the WA government is doing to shooters;
  • What the NSC is doing about it; and
  • What you can do to support the NSC

Don’t let this go unchallenged – and make sure your mates read this too.

Read this and remember to make some calls now, if you want to make a difference!

WA's gun laws: what you would expect to see in a third world dictatorship

WA already had the nation’s worst gun laws. They are not only well out of sync with the other states and the National Firearms Agreement, but are the most expensive in the nation – by far.

Transferring a gun in Victoria costs $9.20. Doing the same in WA costs $256 with no justification or transparency (check out our video on this to the right). Why?

WA Police can also change the category of a gun simply based on appearance – and without regard as to whether it is permitted in other states. Now that applies to calibres too.

Click the image to check out our videos on WA fees

Fidel Papalia

It’s an arbitrary and punative regime, of the type often found under dictatorships. Plus in this case, Papalia chose to parade in front of the cameras holding a firearm – in a pose that would have made Fidel Castro proud.

Yet the state’s Police Minister, Paul Papalia, thinks its ok to make life even more difficult for shooters

He has banned gel-blasters and brought in a ‘review’ of the Firearm Act.

HE HAS ANNOUNCED regular mental health checks for every shooter. That alone will cost shooters out west hundreds of dollars every time they go to renew their licences.

We’ve got the runs on the board to fight. Now we have a fight.

WA Premier McGowan recently announced bans on a range of calibres and rifles.  This follows similar bans announced in the past which we were able to defeat through legal actions.

The attacks keep coming, so clearly we need to do more.

If we don’t fight these changes, then some of these changes would easily find their way to other states. That’s why it’s vital that not only shooters fight this, but shooting organisations who have the funds to help mount challenges also pay attention.

In WA, that includes the Western Australian Firearm Traders Association and Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (WA), who claim to have ‘seats at the table’ with the government. 

So far those organisations have refused to help us fight the government, which means it will be up to the NSC to do what it can to fight for shooters in the west.

going after marginal labor seats

IF YOU’RE A SHOOTER in Western Australia who has had enough of the attacks on shooters and want something done, then keep this in mind: your next state election is just 2 years away.

We’ve got a chance to mount an election fight now, which is what we intend to do.

One thing we can’t do is change the government. The opposition has just 2 seats in the lower house and it doesn’t look like becoming effective any time soon.

However, there are some Labor MPs who are in very marginal seats who we will be going after, to try and convince them to convince McGowan and Papalia that they need to change their approach – and fast. If they fail to do that, they might end up losing their jobs.

That’s why the NSC will be targetting the seats of Churchlands held by Labor’s Christine Tonkin and Warren-Blackwood held by Labor’s Jane Kelsbie (pictured left).

Labor needs to understand that silly political plays like this have consequences.  We need to end some political careers now. Then maybe the government will listen.

What are you doing on Monday? Let your politicians know what you think

WE NEED shooters to hit the phones and let Tonkin and Kelsbie know that their political futures may depend on what Papalia does

If you have never called a politician’s office before, then now’s the time to do it. It’ll take you barely a couple of minutes to do and it’ll be the most effective way to get your message about the way you are being treated across to them! 

Do this now!

You’ll also feel a lot better about doing this afterwards, because you will have made your point the easiest and clearest possible way. Remember – these are people paid by the taxpayers to represent you, and we all need to make sure we hold them to that!


Call the offices of Christine Tonkin (on (08) 9383 7120) and Jane Kelsbie ((08) 9848 3171) and tell them:

*  They need to tell Paul Papalia that his gun laws are targetting the wrong people and he needs to change his attitude;
*  That you will be supporting the NSC’s campaign to make sure they (Tonkin & Kelsbie) don’t get re-elected only because of the way Papalia has been behaving.

If they ask you to put your concerns in writing, don’t. Just tell them they can read about it here. 


Let his office know what you think.
Their number is (08) 6552 5600.

Tell them that:
*  You oppose the laws Mr Papalia is introducing
*  He needs to change his attitude towards shooters
*  You support the NSC’s campaign to have them changed
*  The only reason the NSC will be targetting Tonkin’s and Jane Kelsbie’s seats is because of his behaviour.
*  Papalia needs to meet with the NSC as a matter of urgency

We’ve already been able to shut MP offices down by having gun owners call them at the same time.  That’s democracy at work – and the only way to make sure they get the message that there is a lot of anger out there that is of their own making.

NSC's PAC gets underway

A few weeks ago, we announced the formation of a Political Action Committee – or PAC for short. 

We have completed membership of the PAC and the first meeting has been held. The PAC will develop a strategy to raise funds to campaign at the 2025 WA State Election, which will be backed by the NSC’s fighting fund.

This is the first pro-shooting PAC that has been formed, and it is fortunate that it is in WA, which is the state where one is most needed.

If you would like to join the PAC and support it’s activities, let us know at

NSC launches WA fighting fund

Of course there is always strength in numbers.  If you’re unimpressed with what is happening in WA and believe in the need to fight back, then you can join the NSC here.

You can also donate to our new fund dedicated to the fight in WA.

We need to get our election strategy up and running as fast as possible to fight these new laws before they come into effect, so if you agree with the need to do that, please help us now – we need as many shooters as possible to put a stop to Papalia.


8 thoughts on “WA: Our plan to take Papalia on over draconian gun laws

  1. Anon says:

    Effective firearm regulations only work well with the goodwill of licensed firearm owners. Non-compliance becomes the only logical response to badly enacted WA firearm regulations. The only effective protest is for people to abandon a broken regulatory system and opt out. Resulting in non-renewal of licenses. And the wholesale disappearance of 1000’s of firearms.

  2. Terry EALING says:

    Again you responding as they expect. Please be familiar on the United Act and discrimination against people with mental disability. The 13 requirements regarding discrimination against people actually give us more rights than you think and could be to our advantage as our Minister, Police Commissioner and Premier could be violating something we have been a member of since the second world war. You have to think outside the square to beat these people besides to get into seeing a shrink is almost impossible to impose as after covit and now the home interest debacle, people to lose their homes, the cost of living , no employment and inflation. etc To pick out the Firearm Act to completely change seems a failure for the government to recognise the extreme financial difficulties they have created on us. yet they pull out of the bag how a large firearm could be used at distance to pierce Police Armour from kilometres away. If police cannot handle their duties they can quit. They are no experts with firearms and we have seen their suicide with service firearms. use of unlicensed firearms and stealing of firearms from other stations. Our members who are ex police like myself can tell of many incidents which the Commissioner has not come forward with! Again approach this from a different angle and not where they expect. Did Don Hancock get blown up by the bikies and there was service revolver under his seat that was handed in for destruction? START PROVING THAT POLICE ARE NOT FIT AND PROPER PERSONS TO OWN FIREARMS. Do they use drugs, are any of them alcoholics or own unlicensed guns and ammunition? If there is a need to clean up all firearms matters then the Police records should be revealed by the Commissioner, Minister and W.A> Government and have a Royal Commission. They should face mental , alcoholic and drug testing way before us. Plus their financial situation. So this is a good place to start! I have been a Police Officer here in W.A. and speak by experience.

  3. Terry EALING says:

    In the first line I meant the United Nations Act. Police would be expected to protect person with a mental disability! Read the 13 requirements so there is no discrimintaion against those persons.

  4. Trevor Pollock says:

    This comment written by Terry Ealing is exceptional to say the least.NSC along with others must push the point Terry has made.???????????

  5. Philip Walter says:

    I have many friends in WA. Most of them are shooters and live hundreds of kms from Perth, and these political institutions they do nothing to hurt anyone .These guys and girls do need their firearms for work and local club competitions. These can be many kms from home and cost is usually a $200 weekend away sometimes its the only break in a yearly work schedule.
    To now impose a restriction on what firearms they can own and then ADD the cost of a psychologist/psychiatrist to their yearly firearms ownership .
    When the nearest dr is 500kms away and the local GP is a once a year if you get time to see him/her . I dont think the flying dr wants the responsibility of judging these outback workers
    Out back where being by your self for days at a time means you must have strong character and will When cut off by floods means harvesting meat with your firearm Or when out bush having to cull Camels a job for a big gun not a 22 these shoorers/farmers need our support too
    We cannot let a City Centric politician to tell these people how to manage their lives
    IF THESE PEOPLE WERE NOT FIT AND PROPER they would not be working so hard
    my friends out back between carnarvon broome and the Kimberley region cant get to town whenever a politician decides that something has to change
    My other farmer friends around Kalgoorlie have Wild Dog problems
    lets get the politicians to manage the problems that are going on now instead of imposing further restrictions on LEGALLY LICENSED FIREARMS OWNERS

  6. Jeff McGinniss says:

    I have contacted the offices of Tonkin and Kelsbie to let them know that I will support any move to have them removed because of the proposed gun law changes.
    keep up the good work.

  7. anon says:

    Crazy how they go after the average working man, using the front that its outlaws who have the guns. OUTLAWS DON’T CARE ABOUT THE LAW IN THE FIRST PLACE!

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