WAPol’s registry simply can’t win a trick against the NSC.

They have lost yet another reclassification case against a shooter who started his own action, and helped along by the NSC.

That brings to 4-0 the number of cases we’ve run or helped to run against them (one on the gun shop closures, two on the Ruger PC Charger, and now one on the Desert Tech SRS).

M turned to NSC after being shunned by SSAA

Not that long ago, we told you about “M“ who owned a Desert Technical SRS, which WAPOL reclassified in June last year. WAPol told him they were acting on the instructions of superiors by revoking his authority to have the gun, and forced him to surrender it.

M is a life member of the SSAA, but got shunned by them when he sought their help. Aware that the NSC was fighting a similar action on the Ruger PC Charger, M contacted the NSC which took the matter on.

As happened with the other matters the NSC was running, WAPol argued that SAT did not have jurisdiction, and relied on the case of Commissioner v Killen.  WAPol argued that the Killen case found that decisions by the Commissioner to reclassify a firearm was not appealable – despite Western Australian legislation saying otherwise.

The NSC’s barrister and M then formulated a careful and solid legal strategy that resulted in that argument getting rolled. This means that the NSC has overcome a legal hurdle for shooters in WA and opened the way for more challenges to reclassification in the future.

M wins his case

A few hours before a hearing scheduled for a few days ago, the NSC got word through its barrister that M not only got his licence back but WAPOL will also refund his SAT application fee.

This is a really good win for shooters in WA and stamps the NSC’s authority as it continues to fight reclassification decisions by our registries.  This fight is the thirteenth legal fight that the NSC has either started or helped shooters with.

It’s definitely a ‘slow road’ to take but paves the way for the eventual dismantling of our appearance laws, which simply have to go.

M has thanked the NSC for being the only shooting organisation to provide the support he needed to win the case against superiors in the WA firearms branch. 

More sour grapes

After another recent win by the NSC, a SFFP supporter posted on Facebook and said:

“Last I looked, the NSC hadn’t achieved a single actual win in the courts. What they are claiming as “wins” are issues that have been resolved outside the courts, probably by the work of other parties”

The head of SIFA, James Walsh and the EO of the ADA, Barry Howlett, who should be providing constructive support for our legal fights, instead ‘liked’ this comment, effectively tying the brands of their organisations to positions of non-action.

For the record, when you take legal action and the other side caves in, and you get the result you wanted, that’s a win.

They weren’t the only ones who took a shot at the NSC.  President of the WA Firearm Traders Association Bevan Steele, who is a WA Gun dealer and stood as a SFFP candidate at the recent WA State Election, posted on Facebook (commenting on a previous offer by the NSC to work with WAFTA):

“I remember u had nothing to offer and still don’t . Not seeing any case law being created or tangible victories for shooters-just pissing off govt and registries alike-yep good work”.

If avoiding “pissing off govt and registries” is a position that WAFTA wants to take, then fine – but there is no merit in pretending that all is well on our legal front.

Bring it on, Jack

If those who criticise the NSC are after the packed courtroom drama of “A few good men”, then sorry, we can’t offer that.

Not yet anyway.

The last thing shooters can afford is to have shooting organisations that say they represent shooters openly bag successful legal fights that are going to benefit the future of shooting – especially when we are yet to see them take actions of their own.

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21 thoughts on “WA reclassification: Shooter wins his Desert Tech SRS back.

  1. wayne martin says:

    i personally think the sffp and the ssaa do nothing and just hope the prorblems will go away mean while there still happy to pocket the funds

    • David Wadsworth says:

      I agree. I used to be a SSAA member and found that by and large they won’t bite the hand that feeds them (club membership as genuine reason lines their pockets so they won’t push for change to the NFA to stop that) nor push to change the status quo regarding classification and appearance laws. Same as SFFP – I WAS a member and even proactively helped them at polling booths come election times but they really have done NOTHING tangible either in significantly winding back grubby legislation concerning firearms in this country. I’m glad the NSC have decided to step up to the plate and take these matters to task.

    • Neil Jenkins says:

      Hi Shaun. Not at this time. If we found a individual who got knocked back on the basis of the VPF policy, then we might be able to fight it – as we need to have someone who can be the ‘applicant’ in a matter.

  2. Joseph Sherman says:

    If NSC starts making major victories that fundamentally change gun laws in Australia, I’m calling it now, they will sing your praises and act like they were there from the beginning.

  3. William Jenkins says:

    If “M” is still a member of SSAA, I’m surprised that they haven’t tried to claim credit for “their” victory.

  4. Mark Heelas says:

    Fantastic Work again by the NSC I dont know how Bevan Steele can say what he did, a win is a win and you take it when you get it, show me any other organisation that has done as much as the NSC in the time they have been active …You cant

  5. Ian L Daly says:

    I had to join SSAA as a prerequisite to joining the PARA Range Club in South Australia. Why is this necessary if they are no good???

  6. Gary says:

    Congratulations to NSC on being pro-active and supporting shooters.
    SSAA, SFFP, ADA & SIFA (plus a few other associations) are all too concerned to rock the boat and draw attention to themselves. Rather sit back and talk the talk but not walk the walk. They are like a lobster, all shell full of shit but no body. It’s about time that members of these associations stood up and demand that support be provided to members/shooters being victimized by police abusing their powers.
    I’ve donated to NSC and hope all others reading this will offer support as well

  7. Stephen Gear says:

    My comments would be similar to the other respondents, bloody good job NSC. You seem to be trying hard to galvanize the gun owners and businesses in Australia. I thought that I had seen a few articles written by Shooters Union also, but the others, SFFP and SSAA are not worth a pinch of dung.

  8. Frank Grimaldi says:

    Great job NSC good to see there is at least one genuine organization out there that fights for ALL shooters rights not just the elitists who put firearm, shooters or gun in their titles and then denagrade some shooters and hunter groups because they don’t fit their image as firearm owners, enjoy their fat paychecks do stuff all for us and sit in their fancy offices smoking cigars, keep up the great work..

  9. Adrian M says:

    SSAA, SFFP and every other shit association or shooting organisation are as useful as having petrol in a burning house. Time for all the money grabbing political / associations to bugger off and let the real pro shooting people of NSC to take over, what they have failed to do. NSC forever, no more of my money to bullshit

  10. Bob Valdez says:

    Are there other options instead of SSAA for reason to own? Surely there are more interested organisations who support their members?

    • Rob says:

      Shooters Union membership fulfils “genuine reason” legislation for AB licence and membership of the pistol section fulfils criteria for H licence in QLD, but the problem lies in access to a range to shoot the firearms you own.

      SSAA have the stranglehold on most (not all) ranges and membership becomes prerequisite for other activies that are under thier control or a club with a range that is not.

      I would love to see SU QLD open a range in SE QLD as an alternative, but like the NSC fighting in the courts know, it all requires dollars and a fighting spirit is not enough on its own!

      Your dollar is your vote and I would encourage anybody who has a firearms licence to support any effort to push back against the anti gun agendas.
      It matters not whether you shoot old school black powder or wild western action, if tactical PRS or dymamic IPSC is your thing, if all you want to do is shoot clays with your shotgun or if all you want is an occasional plink with your 22.

      To legally own a firearm in Australia you currently need a firearms licence. That puts us ALL in the same boat/catagory as firearms owners.
      If they get to the point we don’t have the licence we need to have the firearms (and have taken the firearms from us) we are then just the same as them.

      There are two sides. Those with licences and firearms and those who don’t want to own firearms. If one side wants to force and impose it’s view on another that makes it a fight! Just my 2 cents…
      P.S. I put my money where my mouth is, you gotta put verbs in senences!

  11. Greg Kilgour says:

    Keep up the good work fella’s, they will all want to zoom in on your shirt tails eventually. But they will not deserve a free ride.

  12. Tony says:

    Any organisation that has a NGO status with the UN is suspect and are they just sucking up to the Powers That Be.
    It’s a good idea to be with a group working together but being forced to do so so we can have our arms is very questionable and is in fact threats and coersion to join a club so we can have arms. Forced contracts are illegal and null and void from the beginning perhaps it’s time to end this!

  13. Roger says:

    Great work you are doing, this nonsense needs to be challenged.
    V dissappointed to hear the SSAA won’t stand up for such cases.

  14. Vera says:

    I am in favor of properly controlled and administered registry at a reasonable cost. I am also in favor of proper scientifically fact based laws regarding firearm ownership and use . I deplore ridiculous and antiquated regulations that ban the use of equipment on its appearance, and because of the stupidity of the decisions they have taken in the past It would appear on the current evidence that the persons running most of the firearms registries in Australia have little or no experience or knowledge of firearms.

  15. David says:

    I’m a member of the SSAA but will be pulling my membership as I consider them to be nothing more than business relying on outrageous gun laws to collect money from people who rely on them for a “genuine reason” to keep being legally able to enjoy one of the safest hobby and sports.

  16. Freddey says:

    I like thousands of other SSAA members have no choice but to remain members as it is a condition of my club membership to belong to the SSAA. Therefor I have no choice . It is a pity they don’t donate
    some of the millions they collect from the members to you people. The NSC could become a fighting
    action subsidiary of the SSAA. just think of the combined power of the two.
    A bit of wishful thinking perhaps.

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