HEY WA SHOOTERS!  The SSAA is coming to your rescue!

Actually, they’re not. They’re leaving you behind.

A fight for our lives

As every shooter in WA will know, the WA Government has announced major changes to gun laws in that state that are a direct attack on shooters.

It has reclassified several firearms, banned a large number of calibres, is aiming to bring in regular mental health checks for shooters and will rewrite the state’s Firearms Act.

That’s why the fight for shooters in WA is more than just a fight: it’s a battle of survival for the entire WA shooting community.

That’s where the actions the NSC has taken have been critical.  We’ve won legal fights to stop the ban on the Ruger PC Charger, letterbox dropped the Police Minister’s electorate and exposed the minister’s double standards in the media – including the dangerous 50 calibre stunt at the Pinjar Range.

SSAAWA post on a 6PR story that the NSC set up

We got involved in the WA State Election and put pressure on Federal Labor and NSW Labor candidates to distance themselves from their WA counterparts


Since this started, the SSAA and WA Firearm Traders Association put out some Facebook posts about some of Papalia’s announcements, but is yet to do anything more than that.

We don’t mind that – as shooting organisations don’t necessarily exist to be political. 

However the SSAA claims to represent the political interests of shooters – and WAFTA’s President, Bevan Steele, even stood as a candidate at the last WA State Election. So where are the political representation? Where are the results?


The SSAA has now announced it will be hosting a symposium on 1 April , at the Hyatt Regency.  In it’s invitation, it states that the event is for

“outdoor enthusiasts, land managers, farmers, pastoralist and law abiding firearm owners”

Then it says  “INVITE ONLY”

The SSAA hasn’t advertised this on its website or Facebook page, which means it isn’t for the broader WA firearms community. Nor is it for its own members.  

The SSAA has a long history of refusing to work with other shooting organisations whilst doing deals with government and police behind closed doors.  By their own admission working “behind the scenes” is their favourite method.

Rather the invitation list includes just a small number of other organisations. 

Two of those organisations have expressed their concerns to us that the SSAA is working to limit the forum this way.

SIFA's There - will it be a jobs summit?

The NSC has been told that SIFA’s office manager, James Walsh, will fly in for the two day event.  SIFA used to be political, but under James, is sadly a shadow of its former self.

Rather than post about our political problems, SIFA now posts jobs that come up in the firearms industry.  That makes us wonder if James’ presentation will be about employment opportunities in the WA firearms industry?

Its a shame SIFA isn’t political anymore and trying to stay under the radar on what’s happening in WA.  It’s a problem we hope it’s newly returned chair, Luca Scribani Rossi, will fix sooner than later.

Not doing anything on 1 April?

Either SSAA is serious about convening a forum to deal with the problems, or it isn’t. 

As shooters clearly do have a problem in WA and the invitation is open to “law-abiding firearm owners”, our suggestion to shooters who might be in the area on that day is turn up and ask for their seat.

Or maybe phone the SSAA office and ask for them to reserve your seat.  Their office number is 08 9497 7919 – and we’re sure they will be glad to see you there.

Or if they point to the “invite only” bit and send you on your way, then please let us know what they say.  

Or email them at secretary@ssaawa.org.au and copy us in too – at admin@nationalshooting.org.au

A lost opportunity

The symposium is not a bad idea.  What is bad about it is how it is being limited to just a few “friends”, it is vague in what it seeks to do, and is being kept very low key. Odds are, you only know about this forum because of this post.


  • What political and legal actions do the SSAA, WAFTA and SIFA intend to take?
  • How involved will they be at the 2025 Western Australian State Election?
  • How will they force change through the political process?

These are questions that they need to come up with answers to – but they won’t. That’s why this will become a lost opportunity.

Instead, the SSAA is hiding behind an “invite only” event with no clear script, that excludes organisations like the NSC who have solid track records and who are prepared to work with other shooting organisations to beat Papalia. 

If you’re a member of SSAA, you deserve better. The opportunity to push back against Papalia will be lost.

  • Demand to know why the symposium isn’t open to all members of SSAA and out of public view;
  • what the aim of the meeting is; and
  • why they have decided to leave key organisations who can help with the fight, out.

The simple fact is, we need to fight these laws. However we also need to embrace everyone who can bring something useful to the table, and engage as much of the shooting community as possible. Otherwise every shooter in WA will suffer.

12 thoughts on “WA’S BIG GUN FORUM: It’s on! … but where’s your invite?

  1. john Ordish says:

    Maybe the ssaa will realise ,if they don’t look after their members , the NSC will . But I doubt it ,just a stunt to make it look like ssaa is doing something ,when their annual income is in excess of $16,000,000 ,to sit on their hands ,and stay
    silent on issues ,to the detriment of their members ,why upset the apple cart .

  2. Eddy Watson says:

    I was a member of SSAA QLD until I was expelled from the organization by the then president ” Robert Jones”, my crime? Trying to expose the corruption in the state executive and the bullying of members who speak out about the questionable behavior of the exec members on the way the state branch was administered. Lies and false accusations of misconduct against members are used to control and bully members and when that fails, expulsion is next with no appeal and friends and relatives of the accused are also booted, in my case I’ve been informed I’m banned from all SSAA ranges Australia wide, a proper audit of $$AA’s finances is needed. I have been silenced by their barristers by the shear fact of not having the millions of dollars $$AA has at their disposal to fight their injustices which has happened in the past. I have no faith in SSAA, a self serving organization!

    • DavidMudgee says:

      Eddy, this sounds just like the Liberal’s playbook in Sydney, suppressing dissent to banning guns. I lived it. It also sounds like the playbook used on we who did not take the mRNA jab.

      What I’m glad to see on these pages is a total lack of nihilism.

  3. Alf says:

    This an opportunity for the SSAA to make (or break) their credibility.
    If there are not motions put discussed and voted on, like the license fees, additional gun fees then the whole thing is a gab fest.
    what of the survey we were all asked to fill in.? No responses from govt or the SSAA?

  4. Robert says:

    It is, indeed, a shame how a once great organisation such as the SSAA has allowed itself to be positioned to allow posturing and ambivalence to ruin its Name and Bearing.

    It is beyond the time the National office called the State and Territory offices to account for their indiscretions. Oh, wait…they are just as bad. Surely, they can see the damage they are creating by distancing themselves from the other Clubs/Organisations.

    SSAA…time to pull your heads from where the sun doesn’t shine and truly get on board with the ‘actual’ program of respectfully representing your members in conjunction with ‘All’ other
    Shooting/Hunting/Outdoors bodies.

    Makes me ashamed to admit I have a membership to such a hypocritical organisation!!

  5. Don Brooke says:

    I am concerned that the shooting associations will offer to participate in the proposed changes to the WA gun laws by monitoring shooters at ranges for signs of psychological problems – I suspect that range officers will become aggressive and rude to attempt to provoke a retaliatory response from shooters – the RO’s will then report the shooter to the police for unacceptable behavior at a range while in possession of firearms and ammunition – I’ve seen some bad RO’s – I don’t think I am drawing too long a bow.

  6. Dave says:

    Responsible, legal shooters are (not) the problem as everyone knows and like prostitution and prohibition, making everyone suffer because of the illegal market is (not) the way to reduce gun crime. And another thing, have a look at the stats for knife crime, that’ll turn your head.

  7. Andy says:

    Andy Says, You must remember the SSAA used gun laws to legitimize ” Their Business” Through the Government “GUN LAWS” which they welcomed with open arms. It guaranteed their multi million Dollar business. Because they were “THE CLUB” the vast majority of city based shooters had to belong to, to keep their firearms.
    Does the SSAA want to help shooters NO because they need strong gun laws to keep their Business strong, because you must belong to their CLUB and pay for the privilege of using their Ranges to keep your Licence.

    • Ian Dridan says:

      100% correct Andy
      The safest way to guarantee your survival is to side with the legislators and make it law that firearms enthusiasts, sporting hunters and pastoralists are required to follow your commands. The entire SSAA needs overhauling and reminding what they were established for.

  8. Charles Hillan says:

    unfortunately this how far SSAA WA has fallen. Do you remember P Peake X president the rot really came into force after he retired. I worked with him as Safety Officer for !0 years. His attitude was quite simply got a problem fix it. Eventually I could see where it was going so I quit as well. Now we don’t have an organization for shooters. I’m glad I’m old because I can dee this ending badly for all shooters.

  9. Michael Woods says:

    TF we have the NSCA watching our back! Another excellent post, WA shooters need to ‘get a grip’ because these ‘white ants’ within the shooting community need ‘taring and feathering’ at the very least.

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