“We are confident that the scientific evidence will lead such an enquiry to recommend a ban on the use of shotguns for the killing of any animal.”

– Animal Justice Party’s position, as it seeks support from the SFFP

DESPITE STRENUOUS DENIALS by the SFFP’s Jeff Bourman to the contrary, the Animal Justice Party has publicly confirmed it’s deal with his party.

In comments posted to a video that Jeff put out complaining that he didn’t get enough preferences, the AJP’s Ben Schultz posted this comment:

Yeah, tell it how it is, Jeff. 

Jeff didn’t quite do that, but did reply:

Of course, Jeff’s statement about putting the AJP last is true, except for one thing: the SFFP has been supporting the AJP by sending preferences to other parties that will then help the AJP.  Why? Because it secures preferences which ensures Jeff stays in a job – without been seen by the likes of the NSC.

It’s part of the complex arrangements that the Preference Whisperer, Glenn Druery, puts together.   He’s the guy some parties pay big bucks to, to get elected through the manipulation of small parcels of preferences – regardless of whether the outcomes are good or bad for the community. 

The fact this pact exists is a real threat to the future of shooting in Victoria, all in the name of enabling Jeff to keep his job

Tell it how it is, Nicole

The story gets even more interesting when you look at why the AJP candidate, Ben Schultz, seemed so buoyant. Ben is running in the seat of Southern Metro.  He’s also the AJP’s state election manager.

In that seat, the SFFP’s lead candidate is Jeff’s wife, Nicole. There the SFFP is preferencing the Sustainable Australia who will be sending their preferences Ben’s way.

That’s why Ben wanted to let Jeff know he had their support, and why they wanted to “promote” him. It looks like Ben and Jeff are now besties.

Backed by the SSAA

At this point, we’d like to confirm that the SFFP has only received one disclosable donation for this campaign, which was from the SSAA.  That was for $4,000. 

To be clear, that support is going towards building a relationship with the AJP who want to not only ban duck hunting, but, according to their material, commission:

“an enquiry … to consider the cruelty aspects of any use of shotguns in killing animals. We are confident that the scientific evidence will lead such an enquiry to recommend a ban on the use of shotguns for the killing of any animal.”

If you’re in the SSAA, you need to ask why it is supporting a party that with strong links to those who have this position is a good idea. 

You need to ask if you would prefer if your money went to supporting candidates who didn’t cut deals with the likes of the AJP, and went out of their way to fight for better outcomes for shooters – people like Tim Quilty.

6 thoughts on ““We Got Your back”: AJP confirms pact with SFFP

  1. Ces BARRAZA says:

    I dont like to disparage someone else’s missus, but Jeff’s wife looks like the kind of person that would stab you in the front with that shit-eating grin whilst saying “it’s for the greater good, dear.”

  2. Drew says:

    This is the reason that preferential voting must be removed from elections and the country returns to one vote one person, as prescribed in the Australian Constitution. When I inquired of the SFFP ‘s preferences two elections ago, I was informed that it was too complicated to explain.

    • Neil Jenkins says:

      Yes, very much a “you wouldn’t understand it” type of response. They are partly right – it is complicated – but seasoned operators can still explain it all the same.

    • Paul says:

      The problem is not preferential voting, but rather the Group Ticket Voting system, under which when you simply mark a ‘1’ in the above the line box you preference are directed according to the Group Ticket. Fortunately it is easy to opt out as it it is only necessary to number a minimum of five candidates below the line (BTL) to record a formal vote. Victoria is the only State that still has Group Ticket Voting, it having been abolished in all other State Upper Houses, and the (Federal) Senate.
      It would take only 15 seconds if that, to number the required minimum of five candidates below the line, and less than a minute to number more depending how many you wanted to vote for.

  3. Dwayne Hart says:

    The “preferences” system has got to go along with the “2 party preferred” idea. They are both nothing but a Labor/Liberal conspired, sneaky, complicated method of having an election that preys on a countries voters that are mostly sick and tired of being screwed by politicians and being being forced to vote for what is basically the lesser of two evils. One vote for one person (not a party) will make voting much easier and understandable for the voter who just wants their elected representative to “REPRESENT THEM”. Which seems to be the forgotten principle in this shit fight of a democracy we live in.

  4. Baz says:

    The reason that the SSAA is the only one financially supporting the SFFP is because old mate barry howlet is now pushing his power there. Still unsure if the Ada finally booted him [over certain allegations: Ed] or if he just decided that the SSAA had more money for him to pocket.

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