The actions we take are aimed at politicians who do the wrong thing by shooters.

The importance of our work

WE’RE HAVING a major new push to support our work, especially for our legal actions.

The sorts of actions we have taken have been in tribunals and local / magistrate courts – in every state

This is expensive work, but it’s producing the sort of results we were aiming for.

Through them, we have been able to have licences returned, gun reclassifications overturned and expose how weak evidence that is used against shooters can get.

Importantly, we’re winning!

We've got more work to do

We’ve also had front page coverage in major newspapers of the closure of gun shops in three Labor states that showed their fabrication of the “National Cabinet Lie”.

We’ve had opinion pieces run in newspapers and exposed politicians who lied about consultation over gun laws, and provide voting advice at every state, territory and federal election.

We’ve also exposed how our appearance laws are based on just three examples of the misuse of replica firearms, one of which wasn’t even in Australia.

… and that’s just a snapshot of what we’ve done. 

Now, we’re working hard to:

  *   Go Live with NSCTV

  *   Finish our current legal fights, so we can take on more

  *   Do more letterbox drops in electorates of politicians who do us harm.

Every donation helps us do this so please look at helping us if you can..

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