The NSC has done a lot for shooters, but we’re aiming higher for 2023.
If you know a shooter who hasn’t heard of us, then make sure they find about us now.

If there’s one constant in shooting, it’s our ongoing fight

THERE WOULDN’T BE A SHOOTER around who isn’t aware of the attacks on what we do.

We have politicians go on about the need for more gun laws and a media that goes to uniformed groups such as the RSPCA and gun control groups for a story.

We have bureaucrats who know nothing about guns yet advise the government on what they should do with them and regulators who simply seem to enjoy giving the wrong people a hard time.

Yet we all know how good the sport is.  We love to head out to the range, go bush or head off to the local gun show.

We wish we didn’t have these problems. We wish they would simply go away, but our enemies continue to try and chip away, and our politicians are only one step behind.

THE GOOD NEWS is that change is always possible. With the right mindset and approach, there is no reason we can’t cut through this and make shooting a good news story.

That’s why we have the NSC.

We’re showing what can be done and leading by example.  We’ve got a long way to go before we have the sort of impact we want to have, but have runs on the board and are aiming for bigger results.

The NSC is a necessity

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that in the four years we’ve been around, the NSC has run and won several legal cases against bad decisions by our regulators.

We’ve challenged and exposed politicians who have been quick to jump to conclusions, had many stories in the major papers and opinion pieces to set the record straight.

Plus we’re on course to get the law changed in at least one jurisdiction with the backing of a Chief Judge that will make life better for shooters there.

None of this could have happened without your support. However a stronger NSC is something that would be good to have: It’s something we must have.

What we aim to do

We’ve still got legal cases from 2023 that are yet to finish, and stories we haven’t released yet.

One of our aims for this year is to double in size, if not triple it.

We’ll do this by increasing our presence online and in the media, and take the fight up with more and more politicians, including at election time when they will need us the most.

We’ll also shortly be putting out our How-To-Vote advice for the NSW election in March.  That will mean we will have covered every state, territory and federal election over past four and a half years, which is something no shooting organisation has done before.

We’re hoping this year will finish with an NSC that simply can’t be ignored.  That’s where we want to go.

Want to see real change? Get behind the organisation that is fighting for you

JOINING THE NSC not only helps fund what we do, but it gives us the ability to give you the voice Aussie shooters have never had. 

Plus, we’ll keep you up to date on everything we’re doing – from our legal actions to everything else that’ll be happening in 2023.

If you know someone who hasn’t heard about the NSC or who simply hasn’t bothered to join, then make sure they see this article.

Or if you’re not yet a member, then jump on board. It’ll take you just a few minutes and will be the best thing you can do for the shooting sports.

It’ll be great to have you on board – and help give us a super start to 2023.

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3 thoughts on “What you can expect from the NSC in 2023

  1. Trevor Pollock says:

    I have heard the UK is looking at banning lead air rifle pellets & rimfire ammunition all in the name protecting the environment. Next they will want to ban lead sinkers for fishing. Please dont let this BS happen here in Australia. God knows what the uneducated politicians have planned after the shooting in Queensland. Keep up the excellent work & the fight for us responsible shooters.

  2. Jim Pirie says:

    Looking forward to 2023 and looking back I will always recall a post from a shooter I think from Western Australia where he pointed out that shooting organisations were all like little “turd heaps” and every turd heap had a little “king” and each little king thought he was more important than the others . he refered to it as the “turd heap syndrome”.
    The other memorable comment from yesteryear was made by Ted Pickering, the NSW Police minister, when discussing the formation of the shooters party with John Tingle, He said “it will not work because shooters are too stupid to unite, If ever they did they would sweep all before them”
    A bit of history, it seems that not much has changed, but the NSC appears to be a guiding light for the future.

  3. Greg Kilgour says:

    Jim Pirie I totally agree with you, but this time I hope those King turds will ,for the good of the shooting sport put their egos in neutral and see that the NSC will be the savior of the wonderful
    sport of shooting.

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